Windows 10 made simple...

and how to get the most out of it

The simple to follow course that makes using Windows 10 simple, easy and less frustrating

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Your Instructors

Tim Wakeling
Tim Wakeling

Tim started the Helpful Book Company back in 2005. His first book, Computers One Step at a Time, explained how to use a computer step-by-step in plain English and without the techie jargon. Thousands of copies later, he's also published books and videos about tablets, smartphones and one or two other things too.

Tim left the company in November 2019 to go back to university, but his wife Julie still writes a weekly free email newsletter giving tips, advice and help about computers, tablets, smartphones and more.

The Helpful Book Company is now an Employee Owned Company and is based in the beautiful, if not always very sunny, Cumbria.