Windows 10 made simple...

and how to get the most out of it

The simple to follow course that makes using Windows 10 simple, easy and less frustrating

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Your Instructors

Ellen and Julie
Ellen and Julie

Ellen is a Biology graduate, and has worked in educational publishing nearly as long as Julie. She’s been with the Helpful Book Company since 2013, producing some of our most popular books on tablets and smartphones.

Ellen is also an experienced photographer and lover of animals. You’ll often find her walking the dogs or rescuing horses from hedges, although she’s probably happiest when she’s off in the camper van taking photographs of waterfalls in Iceland...

Julie is an experienced editor, having spent her entire career writing and editing science, maths and technology books and courses.

Julie graduated from Leeds University in 2002, with a BSc in Physics. She then moved up to the Lake District to write and edit books, and hasn’t stopped yet. Julie also writes a weekly free email newsletter giving tips, advice and help about computers, tablets, smartphones and more.

She is mother to two boys, who take up the rest of her time when she’s not at work. She’s also got a knack for explaining tricky concepts in plain Yorkshire... I mean in plain English :-)